Thursday, October 22, 2009

Repartition Cisco Flash

Repartition Flash

Well I have 2621XM in my hand; I need to enable IPsec VPN on it. Ooops it shows no option for Cypto isamkp. I need to upgrade to Security IOS. Before that I must figure out the version that fits in my little 32MB Flash. After a while I were able to find it, download it. Now TFTP server is ready to finsh the job and make the router ready tor VPN.

Copy tftp flash …………………

Oh I get error Error : Your flash is 16 MB you cannot copy 24 Mb IOS.

I check flash again

Router# show flash

The repartition process involves erasing Flash memory, so as per a document I found on a forum that

1- Reboot the router to run in ROM mode.

2- Change the config-register to 0x2101 and reload, using the following commands

Router#configure terminal

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.

Router(config) # config-register 0x2101

Router(config) # exit

Router # reload
Below is excerpting what I found on this document that is originally written for 25XX.

This will bring the router up in boot mode and Flash will be idle. You can not change the partition when the router is running under a full IOS from Flash. You will see a different router prompt, but enable passwords and most commands will remain the same.

3- Now Erase the flash using

Router # erase flash

4- Now repartition it to a single 32 MB flash using command,
Router # configure t

Router(config) # partition flash 1 32

Where 1 in above command denotes number of partition

5- Change the config register value again

Router(config) # config-register 0x2102

Router(config) # exit

Router # reload

Before reloading donot forget to copy new ios to the flash, else you should know how play with Xmodem on Saturday night (:

Work done!!! Now it 2:00 AM …Go to sleep now (:

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