Sunday, November 27, 2011

Merging Document

Ever stuck in document merging challenge? I had done it plenty of time, without exception its not a very pleasing experience. One of similar event happen few days back when i have to combine the solution from many different vendor for a large tender.

Word 2010 hung and restart everytime i copy and pasted one document content to others, i tried a lot but of no use. Then I decided to automate it as much as i can. I tried to find out ready made tool but without success. After googling a bit i find a very simple Macro. All you need is to copy all your document in one folder,input the source folder location and bump, all of sudden you will get a single merged document.Off course it will not make it ready to use but still make the boring process a lot easier and save lot of time.

Sub test()
' test Macro
Dim rng As Range
Dim MainDoc As Document
Dim strFile As String
Const strFolder = "D:\SandBox\" 'make it as per your requirement

Set MainDoc = Documents.Add
strFile = Dir$(strFolder & "*.docx") ' can change to .doc
Do Until strFile = ""
Set rng = MainDoc.Range
rng.Collapse wdCollapseEnd
rng.InsertFile strFolder & strFile
strFile = Dir$()
End Sub

Thanks to .For complete instructions please visit Link

Play Time

From a while, I have been searching for a software that can show me the duration of all videos in one folder. The intention is to avoid tedious manual work for planning before starting particular video training. I have tried many things including adding them into GOM, Windows media player,VLC player library but all of them proof to be a work around, unless i discover Play Time. It is very simple tool yet powerful enough. It can detect most of the video format without any problem and last but most importantly its free of cost.