Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cisco-Free Networking ...HP is here

The Game is ON. With introduction of UCS Cisco has now entered in server market-space, a direct competitive step against its old partner HP. Later in 2010 HP respond it firmly !! acquired 3com with huge investment of 2.7 Billion. The below article is very interesting and shows how the competition is growing day by day. HP goes one step further and remove Cisco equipment from its Six data-center around the world. HP Data center are now completely "Cisco-Free".

The migration includes HP A Series equipment and now the DC is capable of handling more than 260 Gbs of WAN data traffic (120 Gbs of internet capacity). The equipment includes
20 A8812 routers,
6 A6616 routers,
18 A6604 routers,
16 A12508 switches
12 modular A9505 switches.