Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cisco Unity Express NM-CUE VS AIM-CUE

Cisco is everywhere, they are not even neglecting small businesses for their solution, same is the case with VoIP solution. From complicated call manger cluster to one box unified solution cisco is offering more and more.

Just take Cisco call manger express,what you need a single router that in any case you will need WAN connectivity but just add PVDM and enjoy call manger solution within router. i will discuss PVDM and AIM in later posts)and voice enable IOS. Pay more and you will get voice mail facilty in same router. Either you can purchase a NM module (NM_CUE)or additional card that you will insert inside router (AIM-CUE).

What is CUE : Cisco unity express is one of the three falvours avaiable for cisco voice mail.

  • Cisco Unity Express: NM_CUE or AIM-CUE for upto 250 mail boxes
  • Cisco Unity Connection: Upto 500 user if installed in same machine where CCM is installed. Extends to 7500 mailboxes if installed on seperate machine. No redundancy
  • Cisco Unity: 7500 mailboxes per server, integration with MS exhange. lotus notes etc.

Support free auto attendant and seperate licensed IVR:
Support voice retrival from email web and phone
  1. NM-CUE: 100 mail boxes, 6 sessions 14 hours of messages
  2. NM-CUE-EC: 250 mail boxes, 8 sessions and 100 hours of messages storage
  3. NME-CUE: 250 mailboxes, 24 sessions, 300 hours of storage
  • Eat up whole module of router.
  • Linux based
  • Mature GUI contrary to CME GUI nad more people use GUI
  • Laptop harddrive so gigs of storage
  • Much Faster access to voice mails

  • Linux based boot from flash chips
  • No moving part, so less break down
  • Less storage as no hard drive
  • Slower access to voice mails
  • Similar GUI and features as that of NM-CUE

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