Tuesday, January 27, 2009

External Hard Disk Selection

Now I have more than 200 GB of data and i am falling short of space, therefore I decided to buy an external hard disk to cope up with increasing storage requirement.

At first i were considering to buy a simple hardisk with external kit but as it requires power from outside thus it is far away from the word PORTABLE. I researched on web and found a couple of good names including WD, seagate, LAcie and toshiba. I were unable to find a differentiators that compel me to buy that product. Lacie is rugged and thus shock proof but considerably costly. All coming with same 8 MB cahce and about 5400 RPM so i decided to go for seagate 320 GB(least price) but eventually end up with buying western digital due to seagate availability in market. Overall WD seems fine to me with 3 year limited and 1 year full warranty. Price is reasonable, i got it @ PKR 7200/=.

Brand160 GB250 GB320 GB500 GB1 TB

Western digital47506500730011700



looking and offcourse praying (: for longer life for the disk.

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